Why the Saguaro?


The Saguaro (suh-waa-row) is a keystone species for the Sonoran Desert of southern Arizona and northern Mexico, meaning that most other native flora and fauna depend upon it for their life cycle. Perfectly designed to dominate its ecological niche, the Saguaro can endure months of scorching heat with no rain or thrive in the monsoon season when rivers flood the sands. With spines to protect it from threats the Saguaro consistently does one thing every year, it grows. We aspire that both our firm, and the companies we invest in, will be as resilient.

Experience and continuity.

Energy and innovation.

Building upon our past to shape the future of value investing.
Our combined experience let us pick up where we left off, continuing what worked well, but free to embrace the future. At Saguaro we have a grand design for technological innovation, continuous improvement, and execution of a time-tested investment philosophy. We plan to build an enduring firm for value investing’s next generation.

Our values

As both aspirations and commitments, our values guide us as a firm and as individuals.

Build trust
We will create enduring relationships by doing what we say and saying what we do. We will treat others as we would like to be treated.
Live generously
We will happily offer time, talent, and capital to our clients, family, and community (10% of profit given to charity).
Act courageously
We pursue our core values and investment discipline with relentless effort and objectivity, even in the face of fear. This is the path to exceptional long-term results.
Pursue joy
We are serious investors, yet we will intentionally foster a culture of joy every day.
Great isn’t good enough
Through voracious learning, insatiable curiosity, and meaningful innovation, we commit to being better tomorrow than we are today.

Experience and continuity. Energy and innovation.

Wisdom and expertise. Guidance and oversight.

Board of Advisors
James Falbe, CFA
Managing Principal, Portfolio Manager
Bryan Tsiao, CFA
Principal, Analyst
Tyler Thomas, PhD
Principal, Data Science
Bryan Wagman
Jonathan Kim
Andy Salsky
Director of Operations
Leah Bennett, CFA
President, Westwood Wealth Management
Paul Black
Chief Executive Officer, WCM Investment Management
Stacy Havener
Chief Executive Officer, Havener Capital
Bill McDonald
Professor Emeritus of Finance, University of Notre Dame
Sasha Rao
Partner & Chair of IP Practice, Maynard Nexsen
Geoffrey H. Siwo, PhD
Research Assistant Professor, University of Michigan; Co-Founder & Chief Scientific Officer Anza Biotechnologies
Bill Terry (Chairman)
Founder, Highland Associates
Joel Wittenberg
Former Chief Investment Officer, W.K. Kellogg Foundation