Why the Saguaro?


The Saguaro (suh-waa-row) is a keystone species for the Sonoran Desert of southern Arizona and northern Mexico, meaning that most other native flora and fauna depend upon it for their life cycle. Perfectly designed to dominate its ecological niche, the Saguaro can endure months of scorching heat with no rain or thrive in the monsoon season when rivers flood the sands. With spines to protect it from threats the Saguaro consistently does one thing every year, it grows. We aspire that both our firm, and the companies we invest in, will be as resilient.

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Disclaimer: Prospective investors in Saguaro should make no inferences about the future performance of Saguaro on the basis of the performance or investment selections of the previous performance. Among other things, Saguaro’s future investments will be made under market conditions that can be expected to differ significantly from the historical market conditions under which Vulcan’s previous investments were made.