Saguaro Quarterly Report Q4 2023

Saguaro Quarterly Report Q3 2023

Saguaro Quarterly Report Q2 2023

Saguaro Quarterly Report Q1 2023

Saguaro Quarterly Report Q4 2022

Saguaro Quarterly Report Q3 2022

Welcome to our first quarterly letter. As it is the first and likely to be read by some not as familiar with us, a brief introduction seems in order. For further information about our process and philosophy, please see our owner’s manual, available on the website.

Saguaro Capital Management is a research-focused investment partnership formed in 2021. Our focus is to compound capital while minimizing the risk of permanent loss over a long time horizon. We do this by identifying and following the highest quality businesses on Earth, buying them only at a steep discount, and holding them as long as possible. We constantly deploy new technology and techniques to bolster this endeavor. We are the fusion of classic investment discipline and cutting-edge technology. We are modern value investors.

Our purpose is to amplify the global impact of some of the greatest organizations and individuals in the world. We are not asset gatherers but are looking for causes we believe in and partners who believe in us. We seek partners who understand our vision and desire to help build something of lasting value. We are designed to perform with strict capacity constraints, declining management fees, and aligned incentives. 4 Everything is shaped by our values. They are both aspirations and commitments. They guide us as a firm and as individuals:

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